British Government is a Rogue Regime Sliding into full-on Fascism

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Cameron-578951 David Cameron and Theresa May personally on the hunt for ‘illegals’, a couple of days after the election.

In the same way that Hitler used democratic means to impose a fascist dictatorship upon Germany in 1933, David Cameron has proclaimed that being voted into power by less than 25% of the voting-eligible population has given him a mandate to do the same in 2015. Shortly after the election he came out with a chilling statement:

“For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone.”

In addition to vowing to scrap the Human Rights Act and replacing it with a ‘British Bill of Rights’, Cameron is also “refusing to rule out” leaving the European Convention on Human Rights – a treaty created to protect the continent from tyranny following WWII. The PM has so…

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A Portent Of Doom?

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Good Morning.

The Clumpany often finds online advertising distracting, and sometimes downright irritating.

But it serves a purpose in bringing in revenue for the media outlet. Indeed, for the ‘independent’ author it is a crucial source of income. So long may it reign!

And sometimes of course advertising can provide a ‘laugh-out-loud’ moment…

This morning, The Clumpany perused the Daily Record website to ascertain whether they had again been made to look like mugs by some prankster football fans.

So far, I haven’t found anything, but the day is yet young.

My attention was caught by this piece by David McCarthy:

The small sign at Murray Park which shows Rangers are finally on the right path

In a shock move, Mr McCarthy has produced a puff piece which breaks the startling revelation that the manager of a professional football team… is running it like it is a professional football team…

Amazing, eh?!

Players need…

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POLL; Who would you start against Qarabag FK, Griffiths? Or Ciftci?

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The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the Daily Record are still spouting nonsense. Just seems like a normal Wednesday then, eh?

Well to many across Scotland it is. But for us Celtic fans it’s a BIG day. It’s one of the 800 Champions League qualifiers we need to play. Actually in truth it’s only the 3rd of 6 but it seems like we have to play loads to get to a credible stage of the competition these days. No thanks to the rest of Scottish football there, cheers for that ” football friends ”

It’s the unknown entity of Qarabag FK from Azerbaijan. Now I’m not going to analyse them. I’ve read many blogs and listened to podcasts of guys and girls who have done it. My view on it is, yes it’s a potential banana skin but we should be progressing with ease and then worrying…

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Willie Collum to referee Celtic’s league opener

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Willie Collum referee (Scottish Cup Final - 30th May 2015) Familiar face: Collum will oversee his first Celtic match since their 3-0 win over Dundee United at Tannadice in April (Picture from Sky Sports)

REFEREE Willie Collum will take charge when Celtic start the defence of their Scottish Premiership title against Ross County this weekend. 

The 36-year-old will be in the middle for the first game of the new 2015-16 Ladbrokes Premiership campaign this Saturday lunchtime in Glasgow (KO 12:45pm, live on Sky Sports 1).

He will be assisted by linesmen Frank Connor and Alan Mulvanny while the fourth official will be Stephen Finnie at Celtic Park, where the championship flag will be raised before kick-off.

Glasgow-born Collum – a father to three daughters and Religious Education teacher from Belshill – is already enduring a busy start to the new season.

He stood in as a late replacement for Craig Thomson at Easter Road on Saturday to referee the Petrofac…

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A ‘National’ Joke

This sport hack that wrote that needs his head examined it’s a tribute with a fresh history they are totally goosed a wonder if the writer is awear that they are skint and trading while insolvent with no back or credit lines lol and to top it all of don’t have the money to see out the season this is what yesers want to see printed not Charles moonbeams lol the co founder of sevco who are now Rangers ! Sad day for the national sport desk pondering to the filth via yeser news space or are they mates with Keith now or jabba ?!

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“Stop! It’s embarrasing…”
Good Morning.

Ah, the brave new world!

The bright future!

An open society where we can all revel in respectful free speech!

An era where we aren’t expected to gratefully swallow handed-down narratives!

Woohoo! Where do I sign up?

Perhaps the latest edition of ‘The National’ can tell me?

[*Flicks through pages*]

Ooh look! There’s a Sevco article. The Clumpany LOVES a Sevco article. I’ll give that a read…

Oh dear. Oh dear me…

Martin Hannan: A trophyless season could see Gers fans deserting club

The headline isn’t the problem. It’s the content.

“On November 15, it will become Rangers’ longest period without a major Scottish trophy in the post-war era – sorry, but the lower league titles don’t cut it.”

Ah, so Mr Hannan is playing the ‘same club’ card.

Essentially, he is saying that Sevco fans have gone a very long time withoutsuccess and [*gasp*]…

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T-O-N-Y! You ain’t got no alibi. YOU TORY!

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It’s difficult to know anything certain about modern politics. As Adam Curtis points out in his “Oh-Dearism” documentary, there is an emerging “strategy of power that keeps any opposition constantly confused, a ceaseless shapeshifting that is unstoppable because it’s indefinable”. It’s diaphanous, a dark attic full of spider webs, and the intention of the political elite is to make sure you don’t understand.

Every now and again, though, a little light breaks through the murk, and lets us see what the machinating cluster of arachnids are up to.

It seems rather telling that the mainstream establishment is getting all shrill and scurrilous about Jeremy Corbyn. After the poll that said Corbyn would win the Labour leadership 6 points ahead of Andy Burnham, centrists, Blairites and Blairs fell over each other to slander the man himself, as unelectable, and then to scoff at his supporters. St. Tony of Baghdad, lobbyist to…

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Support Jeremy Corbyns leadership bid !

The anti austerity movement backs Jeremy Corbyn !

The anti austerity movement backs Jeremy Corbyn !

Bampotsutd is a pro SNP site but we are pro anti austerity alliance and so is Jermey so that reason a would urge and ask all yesers to throw there weight behind this mans leadership bid with this mans theory on public spending and the SNP similar the Tory s  can be halted in there savage and brutal cuts  so please click on link below remember you can keep up to date with what’s happening via chunky marks daily you tube vids we all know austerity is a mythand a scam so do something about it sign below

keep up to date with all the latest alternative media political news via chunky mark see link below

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The Bhoys are going to Baku!

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Phew! Big sigh of relief here. Going a goal down in the first ten minutes? You will be a liar if you did not think “Oh Christ here we go again. Same old Celtic.”

It’s becoming apparent that we are not starting games well this season. It’s a lot harder to take control of a game when a goal down than it is at 0-0. Bad first half last week against Stjarnan, same against Eibar and again in the second leg of the Stjarnan tie. Against better opposition we will be punished. We need to be quicker out the blocks. Something that I feel we done well last season. So fingers crossed that this is just a little bit of early season rust.

Playing a diddy team and we concede a stupid goal. Not putting a tackle in. Then not chasing back. It’s simple stuff. Lose the ball you do…

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Bampottery zombie book storms sevco book charts on Amazon lol !

It’s been a great 24 hours for social media with Pats book launch Celtic going throw to the next round of the champions league and Jim shxt appearing in the sevco panto with king in South Africa it’s a high point but to top it all of Pats book is at number one and two of Amazons Glasgow sevco section a have added pic of it and below is the link to purchase the book a great addition to any Celtic or Scottish football fans book collection don’t forget it’s also on kindle .its been great chewing the fat on when sevco 5088 will go bust  am predicting  Sevco dead by the end of the year they are 15000 zombies short to break even and that’s not including the debts from last season no bank or lender would touch them now it’s more toxic than the club it tributes lol and it’s all this while we live the roaring Ronnie revolution what a time to grace earth as a Celt!

Don’t forget to review book after reading !


Sevco book promotion bampottery at its finest !


Never Mind the Zombies, Here’s the Agnivores: The Return of the Real Rangers Men: Volume 2 (The Neo-Gers Saga)

Its  with great pleasure to announce to all Celtic fans and all Scottish fans of football who like a good laugh at Sevco Pat Andersons new book and a follow up to clash of the  avigores a smash hit amongst alternative media a great read for on the beach and to add to your collection for review and to find out more click link below

Pats other book part 1 can be found via link below

Don’t forget both books are avialible on kindle !
It’s been some time watching oldco sevco the SMSM the zombies these books capture all emotions the zombie pain denial helping hands great read every time with Pat !