The cat crap trap

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The biggest problem with the Tories isn’t that they’re evil and selfish, although they are most certainly evil and selfish. You only have to look at George Osborne basking in the adulation of the Tory conference to see that. But that’s not the biggest problem with the Tories. The biggest problem with the Tories is that they’re evil, selfish, and transparently manipulative like a cat which has crapped in your shoes and expects you to blame your significant other for it. They’re evil and manipulative and just don’t care, because they know there’s not a great deal we’re able to do about it. And cats are considerably cuter than George Osborne. No one has ever felt the urge to chuck George under the chin, just the urge to chuck him over a cliff.

Sadly – thank you No voters – Scotland is powerless before the evil selfish Tories. Our powerlessness…

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The Deafening Silence on the Genocide of Christians in the Middle East

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A few weeks ago, I posted about the Genocide Initiative, a new interfaith movement calling on world leaders to classify ISIS’s actions in the Middle East as “genocide.”

The Genocide Initiative has launched a petition on that calls on political powers to unite and proclaim the crimes being committed by ISIS as acts of religious, cultural, and ethnic genocide. While political entities such as the United Nations have proclaimed ISIS’s activities as “crimes against humanity,” few organizations or institutions have labeled the group’s actions for what they truly are: genocide.

This movement started largely because the genocide of Christians and other religious and cultural minority groups in the Middle East has received inadequate attention in the media. It comes as no surprise to me that the latest round of killings has hardly been covered by the likes of CNN or Fox News.

Source: Source:

News broke yesterday of ISIS’s plan to execute

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Countdown to NBA Opening Day: All Time Celtics Squad

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The Celtics, like the Lakers and the Bulls, are considered NBA royalty. And for good reason too, as these franchises are the leading three with the most ring-bling. Although, one rises above the rest, one has a leg up on all the others, and this one I speak of is no other than the big green Boston Celtics. The road to a championship is no easy stroll, but having some of the all time basketball greats doesn’t hurt the cause.

PG: I have the feeling I may once again shock the modern day basketball fan with this decision, but it is my blog right? For that simple reason, I am giving the starting point guard spot to the early ball handling great, Bob Cousy. Cousy was simply phenomenal, though he played in the 50’s-70’s, I have seen enough a few of his mix-tapes to understand the guy was a magician…

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“Okay Bobby, you have a nice day.  I made your lunch.  There’s soup in the thermos.  Try not to get caught, but do what you have to do to change the world.  Be careful if you hang from ropes.  I put all your spray paint in your car, along with your stencils.”

“Thanks mom,” said Bobby.

“Do you have the lawyer’s phone number in your pocket?”

“I do.”

“I’m so proud of you.”

“Thanks mom,” laughed Bobby, giving her a hug.

“Dinner at six, bring your friends.”

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Palestine Red Crescent: 53 israeli attacks on our crews in a week

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Palestine Red Crescent: 53 Israeli attacks on our crews in a week

A Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance at checkpoint [file photo]A Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance at checkpoint [file photo]

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society said that their crews in the West Bank were exposed to 53 attacks since 3 October, resulting in casualties and damaging their material.

Is this the Third Intifada?

Rising tensions in the Occupied Territories have led to dozens of deaths and hundreds of clashes.
Are we witnessing the Third Intifada?

In a statement issued yesterday the PRCS said its crews has been attacked 53 times in the West Bank and Jerusalem by the Israeli army since 3 October.

Some 37 paramedics were injured in the attacked and 20 cars damaged. Additionally, there were 24 cases where ambulances were obstructed as they were trying to reach the wounded.

PRCS pointed out that 23 of the attacks took place in Jerusalem.

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Show Irishness The Red Card?

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1406-16 001 1406-16 Referee Illustration Referee Illustration June 10, 2014 Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU © BYU PHOTO 2014 All Rights Reserved  (801)422-7322

Good Afternoon (and please Vote ‘Clumpany’!).

Something slightly different is on offer from Clumpany Towers today.

I fully expect an outbreak of ‘whataboutery’ to ensue in response. Particularly from amongst those who never read this blog. But I have a question to ask and, hey, it’s my blog… [Despite rumours of it being controlled by a ‘higher power’ who never seems to pay me…]

So here goes.

This morning, my attention was grabbed by this tweet from the SPFL which mentioned ‘Show Racism The Red Card (Scotland)’ (SRTRC) and their Fortnight of Action for 2015.


I was already aware of this, not least because Celtic had already publicised the campaign four days ago. But seeing today’s tweet prompted me to look at what SRTRC’s activities involve.

[NB The below-quoted material all appears on the SRTRC website]

Here is the organisation’s overall mission statement:

Mission Statement

Show Racism The Red Card is an anti-racism educational charity…

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RWC 2015 quarter-finals – Who will emerge triumphant

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Kapo O Pango

New Zealand v France

Twenty teams have been whittled down to eight, but who will emerge triumphant in the quarter-finals?

Millennium Stadium
Saturday, 8pm
Ah, the ghosts of 2007. That was when, if you remember, France sensationally won a quarter-final against New Zealand in Cardiff late on a Saturday night. It hurt so much that most of New Zealand is still cursing the referee, Wayne Barnes.
Can it happen again? Well, New Zealand have not been hitting their straps of late. Their scrummage has wobbled, Dan Carter has not been anywhere near his best and there have been a mountain of errors that you would never usually associate with an All Black side.

But they have not lost a game, of course. They are still ranked No 1 in the world, they are the champions and they have a posse of champion players in Richie McCaw, Kieran Read, Brodie Retallick and…

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Where Now for Scotland?

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Scotland snatching defeat from the jaws of victory; it’s hardly news and with every passing failed qualification campaign it becomes more and more predictable.  However, this time is probably one of the hardest failures to take in recent years given the optimism around Gordon Strachan and his team.  An optimism that is perhaps unfounded and that was ultimately always going to end in heartbreak as, just when it looked like Scotland were going in the right direction, they decided to go full Scotland on us and throw it all away.  Ultimately, the buck must stop with WGS as the manager.  He picked the squads, the tactics, and the starting eleven.  He decided that Steven Whitaker was a better bet left back than Andrew Robertson, when everyone else was still trying to figure out just how he manages to get a game at any level, in any position.

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