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The upside down world of the people’s party

Wee Ginger Dug

The world has turned upside down. The sun rises in the west. Unionist hate trolls really are just bantering satirically. And the Tories are ahead of Labour in a Scottish opinion poll. The last time that happened rationing was still in force, the Scotsman was still a respected newspaper, and people thought that the BBC news was unbiased.

Mind you, the last time the Tories were ahead of Labour in an opinion poll in Scotland they were actually the largest party in a country which was still in thrall to sectarianism and deference. Scotland has changed, for the better, now the fact that the Tories are doing better than Labour has a lot more to do with how badly Labour is doing than any great rivival in the fortunes of the you’ll-have-had-your-teas. Ruth Davidson might be getting bigged up by the desperate echo chamber of the Scottish mainstream media, but…

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Scottish Labour’s tax plans will hurt most Scots and their own campaign

Aidan Kerr

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale set out her party’s plans today to stop the need forgovernment spending cutswith income tax rises.

Under her plans theScottish Rate of Income Tax would rise by 1% across the board. This means Scotland’s income tax bands would be; 21%, 41%, and 46%. To stop ‘low earners’ being dealt a blow Ms Dugdale also announced a £100 rebate for those earning under £20,000.

As illustratedby blogger Kevin Hague this would mean the following:


The mechanism and journey behind the Scottish Rate of Income Tax is explained here by fellow blogger Graeme Cowie. It was part of the pre-Smith Commission further devolution settlement which now seems like a lifetime ago.

The problem for Scottish Labour is that more people will be directly worse off under their plans compared to the number of those that will benefit.

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Another wee thought on Lawwell and his ways. He won’t pay the lowest earners at Celtic Park the Living Wage…He says they have OTHER jobs.

What do these have in common with them? OTHER JOBS, well paid ones at that, no mention of cutting their dosh eh Peter, ya Hypocrite.
Corporate – Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has legal and financial responsibility for the affairs of the Company. The Board delegates day-to day operational responsibility to the executive Directors the Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell and Financial Director, Christopher McKay.

The Board as a whole monitors Company performance against budgets and a rolling 5 year business plan as well as making specific decisions on key areas of the Company’s business, risk management and setting future strategy. The Board operates, through the Audit Committee, a comprehensive set of internal financial controls which are reported on regularly by the internal auditor and reviewed each year by the external auditors.

There are some matters which only the Board can decide upon including, for example, the appointment of directors and auditors, the payment of dividends and the approval of budgets and interim and annual results. Decisions on significant contracts and expenditure above certain levels, also require Board approval.

Brief biographical details of the Directors serving as at 1 January 2016 are as follows:

Ian P. Bankier (63) was appointed to the Board as an independent non-executive director on 3 June 2011 and became Chairman on 14 October 2011. Mr Bankier is Executive Chairman of Glenkeir Whiskies Limited, a company he substantially owns. Glenkeir operates The Whisky Shop chain, which is the UK’s largest specialist retailer of whiskies. He has been involved in the Scotch whisky industry for over 20 years having been Managing Director of Burn Stewart Distillers PLC and Chief Executive of CL World Brands Limited. Mr Bankier’s formative career was as a solicitor and he was a partner in McGrigors for 15 years, where he specialised in corporate law. Mr Bankier is a member of the Remuneration Committee and chairs the Nomination Committee.

Thomas E. Allison (67) has been a non-executive Director since September 2001. He is Chairman of the Remuneration Committee and a member of the Nomination Committee. Mr Allison is the nominated Senior Independent Director. He is Chairman of Peel Ports Limited and a director of a number of other companies within the Peel Group. He is Chairman of Tulloch Homes Group Limited and an ambassador for The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow.

Dermot F. Desmond (65) has been a non-executive Director of the Company since May 1995. He is the Chairman and founder of International Investment and Underwriting (IIU), a private equity company based in Dublin. Through IIU, he has investments in a variety of start-up and established businesses worldwide, in the areas of financial services, technology, education, information systems, leisure, aviation, health and sport (including Celtic FC). He also promoted the establishment of a financial services centre in Dublin in 1986. Today more than 500 companies trade from the IFSC.

Peter T. Lawwell (56), Chief Executive, joined the Company in October 2003 from his position as commercial director with Clydeport plc. Previously he held senior positions with ICI, Hoffman-La-Roche and Scottish Coal. During the year Mr Lawwell served as a member of the Professional Game Board of the Scottish Football Association, the Board of the Scottish Football Association and the Board of the European Club Association.

Lord Livingston of Parkhead (51) was appointed to the Board as an independent non-executive director in October 2007 and chairs the Audit Committee. Lord Livingston was Minister of State for Trade and Investment until May 2015. He was Chief Executive of BT Group plc until September 2013, having also served as chief executive of BT Retail and as Group Finance Director. Lord Livingston has also previously been Group Finance Director of Dixons Group plc and a non-executive director of Ladbrokes plc (formerly Hilton Group plc). He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1987.

Christopher McKay (40), Financial Director, joined the Company in January 2016 from a senior position with global consultancy firm Deloitte, where he spent the last 18 years in professional services. Chris qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte in 2000 and has spent the last 15 years within the Financial Advisory area. He has extensive advisory experience in many industries across the UK and International Markets.

Eric J. Riley (58), was appointed to the Board as a non-executive Director on 1 January 2016, having retired as Financial Director with effect from 31 December 2015 after 21 years of dedicated service to the Company in that role. A chartered accountant, Eric serves as a member of the Board of the Scottish Professional Football League and is a member of the Finance Committee of the European Club Association. Mr Riley is also a director of The Celtic Football and Athletic Club Limited.

Brian Wilson (66) was appointed as a non-executive Director in June 2005. Formerly a Member of Parliament, Mr Wilson also held several ministerial posts during his political career. He is an experienced journalist and writer and a director of several private companies including Harris Tweed Hebrides Limited and Havana Energy Limited. In 2011, he was named UK Global Director of the Year by the Institute of Directors and is a Trade Ambassador for the UK Government.

What do we have? A chairman who slags the supporters for standing up against a Lord who votes to CUT the poorest in societies benefits and the Lord who voted saying he did it on PRINCIPAL… Both still there… And NOT on the minimum wage either.

Lawwell and Riley… SFA cover ups etc…they will defend anything BUT Celtic.

Wilson ex Politician, another divot who should not be there, as for the rest I don’t know but one and all are a disgrace over that Living Wage decision.

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East Kilbride vs Celtic: Preview, predicted XI and betting tips

Celtic take on East Kilbride in the Scottish Cup as they prepare to put behind them a miserable week. The defeat midweek to Aberdeen which followed the defeat to Ross County in the League Cup semi-final has left question marks over Ronny Deila and his team.

East Kilbride are about to play the biggest game in their history and are still selling tickets for the match in order to have a sell out crowd at Airdrieonians’ Excelsior Stadium.

Celtic go into the match with no fresh injury problems. Kris Commons, Jozo Simunovic, Tom Rogic and Charlie Mulgrew are still all out injured.

Carlton Cole is also a doubt as he and Commons share the same problem, tonsillitis. Meanwhile Saidy Janko continues to be out longer term.

East Kilbride’s Sean Winter misses out as he is on a family holiday in Australia.


There will be a lot of…

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Please Don’t Read This

The Clumpany

Good Afternoon.

If you have got this far, you have clearly ignored my instructions and are wilfully engaging in inflammatory action. You have brought any resulting consequences upon yourself.

Because a section of Sevco fans (or ‘Rangers’ fans as they prefer to be known as a mark of respect to their late former club) really really don’t like non-Sevconians reading, talking or thinking about either of ‘their’ ‘clubs’. And this short piece strays right into that territory!

Some like to gloat about the superiority they posses for following one club which stiffed 276 creditors and died a truly ignominious death, and another which has been labouring its way up the divisions while often surviving on loans. They invite attention by boasting and mocking others, but woe betide any non-Sevconians who show any uninvited interest.

You know the sort of thing: laughing at poor results, questioning the actual war-chestiness of Dave…

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A Clumpany Statement On A Recent Statement

The Clumpany

Good Morning.

Here is a Clumpany Statement:

“The Clumpany notes the bleating of a Sevco Fans’ Group (SFG) regarding the Herald’s action over columnists Graham Spiers and Angela Haggerty. Their statement has led to a predictable outcry from those craving a  daily lamb-free commentary on the pretend ‘Rangers Football Club’, for which service both Haggerty and Spiers previously rose to some degree of prominence.

Against that backdrop, The Clumpany feels it is important to try and present some facts surrounding this incident.

The SFG has a history of pretending that Sevco is Rangers to its fans. The SFG’s only mistake in their dealings with Spiers came in holding a grudge against him for apparently trying to do his job to the best of his ability. And not always liking what they heard. Spiers claims to have been appalled at the singing he attributed to thousands of Rangers and later Sevco fans. So appalled…

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Welcome to the club Patrick

The Celtic Footsoldiers

Another young player added to the club ranks , this can only be good for the team going forward, our relationship with Manchester city has payed off in recent years with loan deals for players like Jason denayer and John guidetti , so the signing of Patrick Roberts should be welcomed, a 18 month loan deal gives the lad plenty time to get game time, it benefits both Celtic and Manchester city to develop the kid , Celtic benifit from having a exciting young talent on there books , while city have the player playing regular, while this might not please all Celtic fans as a marquee signing is desired , it is the way forward for the club in this current climate , and financial stability is paramount hh

Video taken from Celtics you tube page


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Highland Hoodoo

The Celtic Footsoldiers


Celtic v Ross County
League cup semi final
Hampden park

31st Jan 2016

Celtic 1-3 Ross County

The game started so well within 27 secs Leigh Griffith’s had squared the ball for Garry McKay Stevens who slotted the ball home for a early 1-0 lead,Celtic were all over their opponents Ross County,and what should have been the que for a rout would soon turn into something completely different ,a penalty and sending off that should never have been ,a decision that like last season was so blatantly wrong !!!…

Josh meekins cheated last season for Inverness and they benefited with a win in the Scottish. Cup ,a refereeing decision that mirrored today’s crazy sending off where efe ambrose sneezed and the Ross County player fell over ,a ludicrous way to describe a event but just as ludicrous as the decision itself,I’ve long believed that there’s gerrymandering going on in…

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Free Pitchfork And Flaming Torch For EVERY Remaining Reader!

The Clumpany

Good Evening.

The Clumpany isn’t often short of something to say, even if it is inane ramblings [yep, you’d noticed…]. However, yesterday’s developments in the Spiers/ Sevco/ Herald story – which suddenly expanded to include Angela Haggerty – gave me a bad case of ‘Clumper’s block’.

It wasn’t that I didn’t have any views on the matter. I most certainly did! It was just that I had so many thoughts and feelings about the jaw-dropping and frankly bat-sh*t crazy turn of events that I was too annoyed, too despairing, and too joyful (all at the same time) to know how to begin articulating it.

I was annoyed, because in sacking Angela Haggerty (who I don’t know) the Herald Group seemed to be trampling over three fundamental things that help to make our society a decent place in which to live.

Firstly, the Herald appeared to show little regard…

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