The club that led Britain into the European Cup.

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Hibs soon added Bobby Johnstone to a forward line already including Gordon Smith, Lawrie Reilly, Eddie Turnbull and Willie Ormond Hibs soon added Bobby Johnstone to a forward line already including Gordon Smith, Lawrie Reilly, Eddie Turnbull and Willie Ormond

Although the European Cup is the the preeminent competition for club football, and participation in it is regarded akin to  a ‘coming out party’ as a top club for any who secures it, British clubs’ relationship with European competition was not always anything like fully committed.

Anyone with even a passing interest in the game knows that Glasgow Celtic were the first British team to win the European Cup when the ‘Lisbon Lions’ prompted by the legendary Jock Stein recovered after falling behind to a Sandro Mazzola penalty to win the trophy against Inter Milan with goals from Tommy Gemmill and Steve Chalmers.

Equally famously, at Wembley the following year, Sir Matt Busby led his Manchester United team to a glorious 4-1 victory over Benfica with a brace of goals…

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If you’ve ever watched the old Star Trek series or the movies, you’ll know all about the ‘Prime Directive’. This was the law that members of the Federation shouldn’t interfere in other cultures, no matter how wrong those cultures might seem. The USS Enterprise, though, didn’t seem to bother about this ‘Prime Directive’ too much. Most weeks, Kirk, Spock and McCoy would end up on a planet run by a computer, which they’d promptly blast to fuck and then go on their merry way, leaving the natives wondering what the hell they were meant to do now.

In the real world, it’s a massive debate among sociologists and anthropologists whether they should respect native customs or help to stamp out practices that we find abhorrent. To the folk that used to run the Empire no such moral dichotomy existed. “We’re right ‘cos we’re white,” was the standard opinion and many…

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I couldn’t believe it when I read that the racist old bastard that threatened to kill a wee boy because he was a Muslim has walked out of court with nothing more than an order to pay £400 to his victims. As the boy’s uncle said, if he, or any other Muslim, carried on like that he’d be banged up pretty quickly. Of course, we all know what the justification would be; there are Islamic fundamentalists out there, who have actually killed people. It’s better not to take any chances, so the argument would go. Our racist friend, on the other hand, was acting on his own and isn’t part of anything bigger.

That, however, is a load of shite. Nothing, it seems, has been learned from the murder of MP Jo Cox. Thomas Mair, Cox’s murderer, and James Conner, who hurled racist abuse at the little boy, are portrayed…

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The ‘Hate’ Game

The Clumpany

Good Afternoon.

Keith Jackson was involved in a quite interesting exchange on Twitter last night. Here is a sample:

I have no doubt that the noise around Celtic and Ibrox-based outfits ‘sells’,otherwise even the Scottish media wouldn’t bang on about it all the time. However I would tend to agree with Comrade McClane that the single biggest factor in the atrocious TV deals obtained by Scottish football is the ‘underperformance’ of our esteemed administrators.

And I would certainly challenge our MSM to think ‘out of the box’ and try and systematically champion the rest of the game and all its history, rivalries and characters. This is something which I politely suggest they have shamefully failed to do since Rangers shuffled off this mortal coil.

Imagination and broad horizons are often strangers to the coverage of football in Scotland. You are more likely to read about Joey Barton’s latest side-splitting-but-contrived…

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I’ll start by getting this out of the way first. I have absolutely no time for Blairism or what it represents in UK politics. I have always seen it as a curious political aberration that has probably done more than any other political ‘ism’ to destroy trust in UK politics. It’s not just the Iraq war or the attempt to build that appalling anti-civil libertarian state, with all its ID cards and 92 days detention. It isn’t even the quasi Thatcherite innovations such as Foundation Hospitals and Tuition Fees. It’s not even Tony Blair himself with all his post Chilcot defiance and lack of contrition. It is just the sheer dishonesty of the project and what it has done to all who inhabit the space on the left of UK politics.


Blairism, or ‘New Labour’ as it liked to style itself emerged out of the crisis in the Labour Party…

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England Manager – The FA have chosen

Time Added On | Football Blog

Precisely 25 days since Roy Hodgson sat in a post match press conference telling all of Europe that his time was up as manager of the England team, they have found his successor.

Just over 3 weeks since FA CEO Martin Glenn told everyone “we’re going to harness opinion and wisdom from the wider part of the game, it’s really important that we get this right. It’s really that we get England into a situation where we can build on the strength that we’ve got. I think we’ve got a lot of strength in this squad and taking it forward with the view to the World Cup in Russia. It’s important that we make the right decisions. So we will be canvassing opinions from former managers, current managers, clubs and players to make sure we get wisdom on to this area” to name their man.

It taken less than…

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The Battle of Killiecrankie

Culloden Battlefield

In 1689 the Battle of Killiecrankie was fought between Jacobites, led by Viscount Dundee, and Government troops, led by General Hugh MacKay. The battle was part of the first Jacobite Uprising that took place after King James VII & II was deposed and King William of Orange took the throne.

After the Scottish parliament decided, at a convention in Edinburgh, to support King William many people were upset and opposed the decision. John Graham, 1st Viscount of Dundee was one such man. He was a lowland Scot and Episcopalian and had been made commander of all of Scotland’s forces under King James. Leaving the convention he set out to summon another convention in Stirling, this one in King James’ name. On 13th April 1689 Dundee raised the Stuart Royal Standard on Dundee Law marking the start of the first Jacobite Rising.

undee 1st Viscount Dundee

Following this Dundee headed north to raise an army against King William and for…

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The real Spanish veto threat

Wee Ginger Dug

I wasn’t going to blog today because I’ve got a bad case of manflu, which is like a regular cold only with additional histrionics, drama, and attention seeking. So very much like the Labour leadership contest then. But there’s news from Spain which I thought worth sharing, mostly because it’s deeply discomfiting to those Unionists who keep claiming that Spain would veto the membership of an independent Scotland in the EU. And when you’ve got a severe dose of manflu, the one thing that cheers you up more than anything else is making people who annoy you really miserable.

Regular readers of this blog will know that the myth that Spain would veto an independent Scotland’s membership of the EU is just that, a myth without foundation. At no point has the Spanish government ever made a statement to that effect, and on those occasions when he has been asked…

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