mick putting gort in his place !

mick putting gort in his place !

A have mixed emotions about the closure of CRT as every one knows at the start of this blog they caused me hell via gorts hands on commercial management style and seeing us as his competitors and all the other crap he came away with bud last night at midnight did a final post a copied and pasted it for every1 to see today he left a email addy for every1 to say hi to him but a wont put it up in-case it gets over loaded with spam and a don’t like adding emails due to privacy laws  a should see it as a victory there gone and am still here but a wont as a feel bud had genuine intentions but not gort who went on to admit he was deniell now known as steerpike multi names is a no no in blogging world and just leaves you looking like a fud troll which we all know he was anyway so after all that trolling bud has pulled the plug on them and were still going so get it right up you gort

The Last Post

There has been a post called the last post previously – that one had a question mark at the end. I was going away for a few days [ without internet coverage ] and was just saying that , in my absence, if there was abuse and vitriol then I would end the blog. On my return I realised that the blog had self censored itself. That showed me that there was an intrinsically decent majority of posters on the blog. I had always believed this but that post proved it.
What a difference an asterisk makes !!*8**. I always believed that Paul’s site would have been improved if he had insisted on asterisks. We could all say what we wanted but somehow the asterisks took the sting or venom out of the equation without reducing the substance of a comment.
The other regret I have is that we couldn’t debate the child abuse issue without it descending into a Rangers/Celtic/Catholic/ Protestant issue. We can see constantly in the news at the moment, issues concerning child abuse and cover-ups – religious;political;Masonic; Media personalities;- in short- people [ paedophiles] in positions of power abusing that power.
Something that I haven’t disclosed before is that in my working life I was involved in counselling child abuse victims. Not once , in any of the many cases I was involved with, was Celtic or Rangers ; Catholic or Protestant an issue. In the vast majority of cases it was family or close family friends [grooming]. Just paedophiles going about their business. If we couldn’t conduct a discussion in a rational manner, then I thought better not to have a discussion at all, which would cheapen the experiences of the victims.
Regards Bampots Utd. I never had an issue with Bampots Utd. I was a computer dinosaur at the time – and still am lol. Gort, and I don’t think he will mind me saying this , had a more… competitive view lol. Let’s just say that..I didn’t have any say in the initial troubles.
Can I just thank everyone who has contributed to the site. I am getting ‘tired and emotional’ hic hic !
The Ozzie two, who have been constant. Steerpike for all his guest posts;Paul for his entertainment;Coat also. There are far too many [on the other side lol] to mention. Many many thanks to everyone. I will miss you all. Hugs and KISSES XXXXXXXXXX – Budweiser!!

Ps – carson has been trying to get in touch – but ,as usual, his comments are too abusive to print. Nobody has been banned from this site including carson.
PPS – I will keep the contact hotmail e-mail address open for anyone wanting to stay touch – so will keep the site open for another hour for anyone wanting to copy the address. Thanks all – will just get pished now.


no longer available after the horrible way gort attack this site a should be happy but am not as a feel bud was the real deal it was the trolls round him that let  him down and tarnished the idea he had as a continuation of Paul’s blog  god rest his soul ,so from bampots utd to bud god bless you mate and every1 on here wishes you well and we all hope you pop by and say hi from time to time you backed a wronger in gort we all wish you well and good health and luck to you and yours !

denial windowrearpipe back looking out the attic window now he has no blog to troll !

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Transfer Rumors Roundup

Originally posted on docccs:

The season is nearly over and so begins the rumors. Who’s coming into Parkhead and more importantly who’s going out. There was a rumor off Chelsea interested in Craig Gordon but that never picked up any speed. Lukazs Zaluska’s contract is up in the summer and there has been no mention of that getting renewed. There has however been a mention of a possible replacement for Zaluska and that’s Dundee’s Scott Bain. The 23 year old would cost less than £50k to prise away from Dens Park and has been in decent form so it may not be a bad move after all.

Moving to the defensive line the two stand out players have been Jason Denayer and VvD. Denayer has already expressed his desire to go back to Manchester City and fight for his place but Deila is trying to advise that he would benefit from another season on…

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Against the tide

Originally posted on The F-MoB:

The issue of women-only lists is a political hot potato of the highest temperature in Scotland right now. It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I am determinedly pro-independence for Scotland, I went through a pretty profound political awakening last year, and campaigned for a Yes vote, after starting out apathetic and uninformed, a No by default

So I feel terribly disappointed and sad, that across what I feel is a genuinely progressive movement, there is a considerable chunk of the pro-independence population who feel quite passionately that women-only lists are not only the wrong thing to do, but are actually a setback to the cause of equality for women.

This morning I received my at-least-once-daily email from Wings Over Scotland, my go-to site for *actual* investigative journalism, and my heart sank to read the open letter that the Reverend Stuart Campbell had gleefully relayed from a female SNP member…

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Turkish side Bursaspor to open new stadium this year, it’s shaped like a giant crocodile


what a great looking stadium Turkish football is well on the up !

Originally posted on Metro:

Turkish football club Bursaspor have just proved that their stadium game is off the scale by revealing they will open their crocodile-inspired ground this year.

Nicknamed Yesil Timsahlar – or ‘Green Crocodiles’ – Bursaspor have been working on the Timsah Arena since 2011, but are set to complete it later on this year.

If the basic fact that it’s a 45,000-seater stadium shaped like a crocodile isn’t cool enough, its mouth is going to be a giant screen, and its eyes will also light up in the dark.


[metro-link url=”http://metro.co.uk/2015/03/31/inspiring-young-footballer-left-paralysed-by-car-crash-now-owns-the-club-he-used-to-play-for-5129381/” title=”Inspiring young footballer left paralysed by car crash now owns the club he used to play for”]

bursaspor stadium Captain Hook’s worst nightmare (Picture: YouTube)

[metro-sassy-poll question=”This stadium will…” option1=”Get turned into a handbag” option2=”Even scare Ray Mears”]

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Its been a great day for laughing at sevco with them via there accounts admitting there a new club the half a mil to Newcastle United Delotties doing a runner there is just so much in it a just wouldn’t know were to start so a thought bampots utd would do a review of today’s top roll about the floor laughing reads and lols via Celticnewsnow

first up today was VideoCelts highlighting the not mentioned auditors doing 1 due to the toxic state of the books


after that we had CQN highlighting the half a mil to Micky Bhoys cashleys Newcastle united if promoted


and after that we had we had the fantastic Celtic fanzone


for more storys on the accounts and to keep up to date with all the latest celtic news bookmark link below


its been a massive day in the sevco circus story and the whole net has been in melt down laughing at them the thing a liked more was them setting a seven year plan for toppling us at the top is that them throwing in the towel and gifting us 11 in a row lol also in the accounts is the admission that rangers died and its a new club that bought the assets lol

the big thing today to me is how can sevco get in the top league with audited accounts the 1s done today were done by B Stockbridges mate lol  so there you go thats the main story here :

(1) criteria for entry in to top league  (duff accounts)

(2) financial fare play the 5 Newcastle players and the half a mil (financial doping when they know they were fucked and still  might be )

(3) trading while insolvent and unable to meet bills !

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Gourmet Burger Kitchen launch fusion range including confit duck burger

Originally posted on Metro:

(Picture: Gourmet Burger Kitchen) Tickle your taste buds with GBK’s new food collabo with Peter Gordon (Picture: Gourmet Burger Kitchen)

Foodies, get ready for the burger ride of your life.

Think you’ve had your fill of burgers? Well you might want to reconsider, as Gourmet Burger Kitchen (aka. GBK, because who has time to say the whole thing, eh?) have just launched a taste bud tingling new fusion-inspired menu.

The menu, created by chef Peter Gordon who’s known as ‘the Godfather of Fusion cuisine’, certainly doesn’t hold back.

The main event is an orgasmic-sounding duck confit burger, and sides include sweet potato fries with tamarind dressing and dukkah, spring homeslaw with mint, pomegranate molasses and sumac and a banana biscoff (you know, those caramel biccies) milkshake.

Yep, it’s sexy, sexy, sexy.

(Picture: Gourmet Burger Kitchen) The full lip-smacking range (Picture: Gourmet Burger Kitchen)

But let’s rewind a little and have a chat about the duck confit burger.

We’re talking…

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You have got to laugh at sevco ,one of the most richest men in sport Mike Ashley has just helped Newcastle United to post record profits and a record turn over 130 million what a number ,He had a sustainable business plan for sevco which would most likely would have worked well for them .big wow he was to get the shirt money the mans a real billion dollar geezer with a world wide reputation he might be a penny pincher with his zero hour contracts and so on but he would have protected his investment and most likely throw time would have been good for them to establish a long term future  what a bunch of idiots choosing a tax crook and some1 who struck a hammer blow in the death of there old club that died Dave king  for me its panning out well am glad big micks away as pot-less Paul and king are chancers and there is no way park is going to throw cash in a black hole with no return it just cements more large portions of Monti’s ice cream for us all as they stagger from pay day to pay day worrying about the leccy lol what a buzz we are in for just how these zombies chose pr guff over rational thought is head scratching so to cut a long story short they are as unstable just now as they were when charlies green stole the assets from sevco 5088 and transferred them to sevco Scotland did he have time to grab the deeds or was it just Murray park and the car park  if thats so who owns the deeds and why has the owner not pawned them lol wonga rates apply lol

for full story on Newcastle united accounts click link below


if you are sevconian and need reassurance about the deeds click link below lol


its sad the zombies believe the record lol


SNP Spring Conference 2015

Originally posted on Junaid Ashraf:

SNP Conference - Westminster Candidates

The positive energy exuded from the SNP Spring Conference was infectious! The conference held over March 28th-29th at the SECC in Glasgow was the first I have ever attended and I am really looking forward to the next. From the variety of politicians, people from across Scotland and friends from my own branch who I met on the weekend was simply amazing. Being able to meet with such a wide range of people from across Scotland, all with the same political ideology was an experience I have only felt from attending the Scottish Youth Parliament sittings in my time as a Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament.

Moving on from youth politics and towards mainstream politics I was extremely hesitant in choosing a party, many times finding myself agreeing with several and no parties on a wide array of issues from trident and nuclear power to tax…

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Scotland’s Labour Party: Another Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Originally posted on Pedestrian View:

Just as the Labour Party here in Ireland, in a right-wing coalition government with Fine Gael, has turned on the working people with the imposition of water taxes to assist in the payoff of the EU/IMF bailout, the Scottish Labour Party over the water has been called out for the sell-out that it is. What was unthinkable until its re-branding as New Labour the Labour Party in Scotland allied itself with big business and the Westminster Conservative establishment to derail Scots’ aspirations for national independence last year. So complete was this re-envisioning of the socialist vision of Labour in Scotland that the supporters of Scotland’s separation from the UK, along with others throughout Britain who see Blairite and Brownite policies as a betrayal of the Labour Movement, have taken to calling Labour the ‘Red Tories.’

In spite of the frightful levels of unemployment, child and food poverty in Scotland, and…

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There was something not right about the indyref and as time passes more and more discrepancy’s  come to light even during the results we had Ruth Davidson admitting a criminal act of looking and counting votes for a poll the postal ballot papers took to England and opened this in its self would satisfy a revote justifiably read start of article below and click on link for full story !

Democratic Socialist Federation
Dunoon Unit Report
The Postal Ballot at the Scottish Independence Referendum
This is the written text only. The Full Report will be available for download and hard published shortly.

Some of us took part in the Argyll & Bute area count in the evening and night of the 18-19th September 2014. I was the agent for Labour for Independence (LfI) at that count with six other LfI volunteers and we spent the night at the count in Lochgilphead. This was a valuable experience and gave us a good insight into how the electoral system operates in Scotland.
We in Scotland have a great historical and cultural heritage from our ancestors, and the ‘jewel in the crown’ of that heritage is the democratic principles and institutions passed down to us. We therefore have a duty and a firm responsibility to preserve our democratic heritage, nurture it, and pass it on to our children and grandchildren in, at least, as healthy a condition as it was when we had it passed down to us.
Our observations during the Referendum campaign and the count raised a number of concerns in our minds about the security of our democratic institutions and got us thinking about this in a serious way. We made some efforts following the Referendum to investigate the issues we were concerned about and to seek help from the established ‘guardians’ of our electoral system, such as the Electoral Management Board (EMB). We soon discovered that if the EMB had any concerns they were making an effort to suppress such concerns and were anxious that others, such as ourselves, should do the same.
We were not however dissuaded from looking for answers to the issues which concerned us and we kept seeking information. The Electoral Commission Report in late December gave us some further information. However all the information we gained since the Referendum did not resolve our concerns; on the contrary it confirmed them. We are now convinced that the Postal Ballot (PB) at the Scottish Referendum was compromised by a UK Government agency, and consequently that the ballot result is not democratically valid.