Weapon of mind destruction

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Ever since the independence referendum, the UK government, its agencies, agents, and its cheerleaders, have gone out of their way to rub the noses of Scotland’s independence supporters in the brown stain on the underpants of the narrow victory for No. Although they saved their Union, at least for the time being, the victory was not the crushing one they’d hoped for. The desire for independence was unleashed and remains unleashed, stalking the land and spreading the virus of hope, preaching the possibility of change. A year on, and the independence movement is still here, still loud, still proud, still organising ourselves, still putting the fear of Gord into the Unionist establishment. We came out of the kailyaird and into the streets and the cities, and there’s no going back. The independence referendum wasn’t the end of Scotland’s road to self determination, it was the beginning.

You’d think, given such…

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Notions of Justice

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Good Morning.

Well that Twitter thing was quite lively last night, wasn’t it?

Chris McLaughlin – fresh from being re-embraced into the Sevconian bosom – posted this tweet.

And the Twitter ‘entertainment’ went from there.

Aided by an article on the BBC website

Charles Green likely to face charges over his time as Rangers chief executive

….and a piece from Keith Jackson

Cops ready to grill Charles Green over former Rangers owner’s controversial Ibrox takeover

The Clumpany isn’t going to offer any comment on the possibility or potential course of legal proceedings.

But the tweets of Mr Jackson are worth a look.

Here are a few to ponder

I must admit that that final tweet had me filling up, and must surely appear as a passage in Keith’s autobiography – which could perhaps be titled “Off the Radar: A Long and Emotional Churn-ey”.😉

It could be a gripping account…

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Look who’s back in town !

It’s been some morning on line with Charlie Green back to answer police questions on what we’ll we will just have to wait and see but the thing a noticed is he’s got a new suit on and instead of his infamous orange strip he’s opted for a kenny Miller tan orange face see pic below

The bold Charlie helping police withere inquiries lol

The bold Charlie helping police withere inquiries lol

Some buzz the sevco panto it just rolls on and on money wise it should be over by Xmas am hoping he gives a interview although the Xmas message and hospital bedside jim shit ones will take some beating !

heres one thing Charlie Green got right thou apart from fleece ing the zombies !

Sevco are not Rangers there a tribute. !

It’s crazy watching the msm tell the zombies it’s the same club and the zombies telling us it is here’s a video with all the facts and reasons why a love watching it !

It should never be forgotten that dodo Fc cheated the whole of Europe for over 15 years with side payments to players mangers and club officials it was fixed football and hidden via our own SFA  . LNS was a white wash !

Are all these papers telling lies !

Are all these papers telling lies !

RIP cheats Fc !

RIP cheats Fc !

So there you go sevco are not Rangers as they died cheating and conning scottish football !

Lies, Damned Lies and Stiffed Creditors 

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Good Afternoon.

The Waro Bandwagon rolls on following yesterday’s 1-5 thumping of Queen of the South.

Of course, this wasn’t just another win for Sevco!

It never is.

This was a victory which allowed the grovelling tendencies of parts of the MSM to be let loose.

For this was the eighth straight competitive victory since the start of the Warbolution.

Which made it ‘historic’.

As we all know, when the press starts talking about ‘history’ and the latest Ibrox club it is because they are plagued by a deep insecurity caused by the knowledge that their beloved first Ibrox club went the way of the Dodo.

But no matter.

For The Warbmeister is now apparently on a par with the loveable Bill Struth, who won his first 8 competitive matches in charge in 1920.

You can get the idea from this piece in the Record

Queen of the South 1…

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Tory welfare cuts to be probed by UN !

People united against cuts !

People united against cuts !

Anyone who follows this blog knows austerity is a scam a myth a lie the richest wealth has doubled during the cuts while the poor have been left to starve and die .with death stats out and all the story’s flying around and a look at the numbers its easy to see the Torys are at it and sucking like leeches the blood of the poor throw out the whole UK today sees a dramatic development the UN are sending a envoy to probe the violation of the human rights of our disabled after all the campaigns articles and letters potitions and so on without a single tory compromise it looks like there is hope . Also check out the article below and the smearing of the chief delegate smeared as a witch sick or what it’s time for Cameron to resign and for and end to the cuts the msm are reporting it as if it’s nothing see link below and see who it’s been potried quiet shocking .


there killing there own and if you speak out your smeared as a loony lefty !

dont forget if you live in Scotland the scottish Labour Party endorse austerity so for this reason in the SE may 16 election its snp first box and a pro anti austerity minority party second box ,
A would like to appeal to our more learned readers to do articles on this and highlight the undiplomatic tone of the torys and the msm !

We’ll Meet Again……. Dublin v Mayo, All Ireland Football Semi-Final, 30 August 2015

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A difficult game to summarise. A game that never quite settled and a game that certainly wasn’t what most had predicted. It was a scrappy, fractious, narky contest that in parts focussed on the game but had many side shows. Both teams were cautious in their approach and defensive in their tactics. Was it good? Strangely enough I found it a captivating contest in a way I cannot define. The football was flat in many parts, the stoppages frequent, the side shows distracting, black, yellow and red cards on display, and the final 10 minutes explosive. It was played out on the biggest stage in front of over 82,000 colour decked noisy fans. The atmosphere both before and during the match was brilliant. Best of all,  we get to experience it all again next Saturday.

This was a game that Mayo played for 15 minutes only – the last 15…

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The ignorocracy of a shrivelled balloon

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We need to calm down about the BBC. Scotland voted no, and that means that the people of Scotland surrendered all and any right to input on our devolution settlement. We will get what we’re given and should tug our forelocks like good North Britons, and go and be grateful that Edinburgh Castle has been plastered with a giant Union flag. The BBC just as it is is perfectly able to provide Scotland with totally unbiased Great British broadcasting. People who voted No voted for everything to remain exactly the same forever, say the people who promised that a No vote was a vote for safer and faster change.

So said Philip Davies MP, or at least that is what his comments boiled down to. Actually what he said was that Nicola Sturgeon needed to calm down following her “demands” that Scotland should get its own public service television channel…

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Europa League INFO..Draw,Fixtures,Thoughts………

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Friday lunchtime I was sitting streaming the draw and as each pot emptied our opponents for this years Europa league campaign emerged,first Ajax then Fenerbahçe then Molde,the Norwegian side shouldnt pose Celtic any problems home and away and we would expect to get the full 6 points from the games,Fenerbahçe we have never met in fact we’ve not played any turkish opposition the 2 games against one of the toughest teams in the draw will be a real test…..

Il be honest right now and say they will be group winners,anything we can take from them will be a huge bonus,where our European adventure will be decided will be the games against Ajax home and away ,in recent games in the champions league we have played 4 lost 2 and won 2 ,and all but one-off the games were close,depending on other results and if 2nd spot is our realistic goal…

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