Things are hotting up in the war of words over what happened last Saturday. The police have claimed that they couldn’t get into Hampden because they were under attack from The Peeppul outside. Without a hint of irony, The Peeppul are now demanding photographic proof of this. They’re also, rather disgustingly, hiding behind the fact that the police lied about Hillsborough to claim that the police are lying about them. Is there no depth to which they’ll sink? Presumably the police in Manchester, still picking bits of broken glass, wood and various metals out of their skulls, all lied as well.

Unfortunately for The Peeppul, most normal folk would believe the police in these circumstances since The Peeppul drag a long history of violence behind them. Apparently they were getting their children to stand in front of police vehicles; something that one policeman said is usually seen in Northern Ireland. Considering that’s…

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The Zombies’ Apocalypse?

The Clumpany

Good Afternoon.

Dear me. To read some of the comments on social media these past few days you could be forgiven for thinking that a systematic campaign is under way to slander Sevco fans, and strip them of their identity, culture and personality. And to do so in a manner that wouldn’t look out of place in the worst kind of dystopia conceived by George Orwell in his darkest nightmares after eating strong cheese before bed.

The paranoia du jouramong a small numberof Sevco fans is to claim that ‘people’, the media and football authorities are trying to ‘dehumanise’ them. To turn them into some kind of outcast community eking out an existence of sorts on the margins of society. An existence where they are not allowed to have individual names of their own, but simply a number, which corresponds to the sterile identikit box in they are…

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While Warbs has disappeared into a monastery to offer up a Rosary Novena for the safe recovery of his players, it was left to Davie Weir to introduce Neo-Gers’ new signing to the press. Meanwhile, the whole Neo-Gers team is still in Victoria Infirmary’s intensive care unit. All of them have been described as being in a ‘critical’ condition and it’s touch-and-go whether they’ll all make it. The only plus point is that brain damage has been ruled out in all cases; most of them don’t have one.

And so, onto Neo-Gers’ marquee signing, well-known thug, Joey Barton. Oops! Sorry, forgot, he’s a ‘firebrand’. And now he’s being billed in the Record as an ‘ex-Marseille ace’. (Why is it everybody at Ibrox is an ‘ace’?) Apparently, he is a good player, although he’s rarely stayed on the pitch long enough to prove it. He also fancies himself as a bit…

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The permagordiegasm

Wee Ginger Dug

There’s been an inturrvenshun, which is the only thing that the Scottish media love more than a murrdurr or a wee cute kitten, although it does still come quite some way behind the fitba. Who needs quantum states when you’ve got Gordie Broon, who can simultaneously intervene for the very first time even though he never bloody stops intervening, and is simultaneously the most influential politician that the Labour party possesses and a complete non-entity. In one of the alternate universes accessible only in a quantum state there’s a Gordie Broon who intervenes while stabbing someone while carrying a kitten at a fitba match, and a Scottish media that’s in a state of permanent Gordiegasm. Although to be honest the one in this universe makes a very good attempt at being in a state of permagordiegasm too.

Gordie Broon has been pacing the carpet for the very first time again…

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The Spectator, Jeremy Corbyn and the IRA

Daniel Collins

TheSpectator‘s Alex Massie penned an article last Tuesday entitled: “Jeremy Corbyn should not be allowed to rewrite the history of his support for the IRA”. Corbyn’s association with Sinn Féin – the political wing of the now-decommissioned (Provisional) Irish Republican Army – is a common line of attack used against him by his opponents. Whilst it is true that Corbyn has been happy to meet with representatives of Sinn Féin throughout his political career, what does this actually mean in context?

Last Friday afternoon, I attempted to submit a comment underneath Massie’s article on the Spectator‘s website in order to respond to some of the assertions he had made therein, but comments to the site must first undergo a filtering process before being published and it appears their censors were not happy to publish mine.

My comment remained pending for a number of hours before being deleted completely from the Disqus commenting system employed by the…

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‘Congrats’ Seems To Be The Hardest Word

The Clumpany

Good Evening

What a lively few days it has been in Scottish football! I am sure the fallout from the Scottish Cup final has some way to run, but for now I have four things to say.

Firstly, MANY congratulations to Hibs on finally winning the Scottish Cup (and in such style) after an arduous season and after enduring 114 years of taunts from absolutely everyone.

Secondly, a big cheer for the unsung hero of Hibs’ Cup triumph: Alan Stubbs’ always-immaculate hair. I hear Baron Bouffant is still raging in the Blue Room about being outdone and failing to qualify for the European Male Grooming Championships next season. Nae luck Paul!

Thirdly, the scenes at the end of the match were a disgrace and I hope that investigations conducted ‘without fear or favour’ get to the bottom of what happened (and why), and hold individuals and organisations to account following…

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Davies joins Rodgers at Celtic – Kennedy to follow?


With Chris Davies appointed as assistant manager to Brendan Rodgers, the coaching team is beginning to take shape. Davies was Rodgers’ assistant at Swansea and Liverpool so the partnership is an established and familiar one.

Both men have had strikingly similar career paths as well. Each retired as youth players through injury and each entered coaching at a young age.

For Brendan, it was Tommy Burns who gave him his opportunity to coach at the age of 20 whilst at Reading. For Chris, it was Brendan who gave him his opportunity to coach at the age of 19 at Swansea.

The two knew each other from Reading, where both men’s professional playing careers had ended. It seems Reading is the key link in this affiliation.

I now wonder if John Kennedy may also be given the chance to return to the fold as a first team coach. He too suffered…

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Warburton quits for Derby County !



There has been a lot said over the last few days about the man with magic hat but bampotsutd can reveal to all lurking zombies that mark is hours from agreeing terms with Derby County’s owner Mel Morris and director Andrew Appleby ,the reason hes off is the lack of cash in the sevco war chest with sevco running on fumes and facing admin or liquidation depending on liability’s and bills   no wonder hes of before Dave king the south African tax crook pawns his hat to pay for the eleccy that is how bad things are for every pound sevco spend we will spend a 1000 is the reality of the matter the club founded by comical spivs is on the ropes and the zombies close to the belly of the beast know it (theblueroom),

the prospect of facing Brendan Rodgers, no war chest, the violent fans, the agony every month on pay day you cant blame him king duped him the 30 mil off shore inheritance fund was a lie also the thought of relegation next year was a factor as sevco have no chance in the spl the whole of Scottish football wants there team to beat them and they are well rotten so bottom three is reality a flukey result at Hampden against us is no reason for the to do other than bottom three they are  skinto and there team will go from bad to worse anyway lets see whos next in the bigot dome dugout !

song of the season press play on link below !

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“A leader of the people”


Celtic Football Club announced one of their biggest and best ever appointments earlier this week. Former Swansea and Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers took the helm at Celtic Park. In a deal which see’s Rodgers become the highest paid manager ever in Scottish football. Celtic Park has had an ever-present grey cloud hanging over it for around the last 6 months, as results slumped and crowds dropped, due to overwhelming frustration. However yesterday evening that grey cloud dispersed to the chorus of 10,000 plus Celtic fans, serenading their new hero. Fans of the club had been frustrated with having a manager who had no idea what it meant to lead a team like Celtic. However, Rodgers had been steeped in Celtic tradition for as long as he can remember, something that is far more important than it may seem. He seems to get it, he knows what it takes and he…

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