The Howling Of The Furies — Wings Over Scotland

It’s been quite a 24 hours for watchers of the UK media. The Sunday papers saw two of the most demented rants to have been committed to print about Scottish politics since the independence referendum. One came from Neil Oliver in the Sunday Times – painting a blood-curdling picture of a “second hate-fest” should Scots ever…

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Scott Brown tells Andy Walker: You’re a poor man’s Gary Neville & You do my f***ing box in

Glasgow Celtic Chat

pizapcom14621213297261About time someone from within Celtic had a go at the media, it’s people like Andy Walker that was downing Celtic all season and last. Keep in mind, 1st season in charge Ronny failed Champions Leage, then narrow 1-0 defeat in last 16 of the Europa League to Inter, League Cup won, robbed and unlucky in Scottish Cup semi-final, then won the league, people STILL put questions over Ronny and pressure told on players, most players didn’t connect to the fans, rightly some fans didn’t connect with the team/players, apart from a few. After which the whole thing became to pressurised and any chance of this working was gone. Ronny propably didn’t help himself with player selection but he stuck to his guns and won the league. I am not defending Ronny here, just saying the pressure on a 40 year old Norwegian was too much for him in one…

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The direction of respect

Wee Ginger Dug

It would appear, according to the bunch of torn faces collectively known as Scotland’s Unionist parties, that there’s only one sort of respect that needs to be demanded in Scottish politics. That’s the respect that independence supporting parties are required to show the result of the referendum in 2014. Funnily enough, there doesn’t appear to be any parallel requirement on the part of the Unionist parties to respect the promises and commitments that they made to people who would otherwise have voted for independence in order to secure the result that they’re desperate should be respected.

In the twenty months or so since the referendum, one after another the promises made by the Unionist parties have collapsed like support for the Labour party. But then, they never had any intention of fulfilling them to begin with. Unionist political parties don’t do promises because Scotland has no means of holding them…

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An Offensive Reality


A 16 year old boy called Paul is playing FIFA 2016 on-line in his house in Glasgow against someone who is playing the game in another part of Scotland. They are chatting as per usual during the course of the game. The Paul concedes a goal near the end of the 2nd half and is so outraged he calls the person he is playing a ‘prick’ and leaves the game and therefore forfeits. Paul is annoyed as he really should have won and felt he had the better chances. He couldn’t be bothered playing any more so logged off and went to bed.

At 6am the next morning, Police Scotland arrive at the front door to Paul’s house he lives in with his parents and younger sister. The whole family are woken with a start. Paul’s father answers the door and asks what this is about. The police ask to…

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Sitting crying as Celtic win 5 in a row – ♪ YNWA Ronny Deila ♪

Tears of joy Hail hail all !

Glasgow Celtic Chat

2FB41B4300000578-3381537-image-a-40_1451691704483He showed he loves it today, for him he learnt to manage a WORLD GIANT

Sitting here in tears, watching Ronny and the players celebrate WE JUST KNOW NOW, THEY WERE AS ONE, THEY WERE TOGETHER. I think I am upset because of the Humility and Character of Ronny Deila and how Scottish Sport Media destroyed a very nice and trusting guy, Ronny is smiling because he is leaving the poison of Scottish Football, but he is crying because he wanted us to love him, he always manned up, he always sat and spoke to a Scottish Football Media desperate to sell and make Rangers better, and make you Ronny a joke to Sevco newspapers by making the inner thinking of outgoing managers dressing room unstable. People in the Media were in the minds of Ronny’s very young team that just won us 5 in a row. Last season we…

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5 in a row, 5 to go!

Glasgow Celtic Scottish champions for five seasons in a row !

Glasgow Celtic World Huddle

Celtic have taken a massive step towards the clubs 47th League title with a 3-1 win over Hearts at Tynecastle. The win lifts Celtic to 80 points and means that Aberdeen need to win all their remaining games and pick up 38 goals in the process.

This of course will not happen.

So lets reflect on Celtic’s win. This triumph represents Celtics 47th League Title. Going alongside a record 36 Scottish Cups and a further 15 League Cups, it represents Celtics 98th Scottish Trophy. Of course with the European Cup famously won in Lisbon it makes it Celtic’s 99th trophy.

Oldco Rangers won 54 League titles, 33 Scottish Cups and 27 league Cups along with the Cup Winners Cup making a total of 114 Scottish trophies and 115 overall. Regardless of what happens in the Scottish Cup final, should the Ibrox side win it will not add to the Oldco’s…

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Hearts vs Celtic: Analysis, player ratings, stat attack and goal videos

5 IN A ROW! At last, the title was won at Tynecastle. Celtic are 9 points clear now with 9 still to play for. But Celtic have such a superior goal difference and can’t be caught.

Aberdeen would need to score 40+ goals AND Celtic would need to lose their last 3 matches. It’s not going to happen. Therefore Celtic are Champions.

It’s been a frustrating season overall but you can’t deny the celebrations today. Ronny has got his league title to send him off on a slightly positive note. He won 2 in a row and Celtic’s fifth in a row.

In terms of the match, Celtic didn’t look too out of their depth. Celtic controlled the game apart from the 15 minutes after starting the second half. Celtic knew what they had to do and they did just that.


Craig Gordon: 6. Made a few good…

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John Mann Is Not A Hero. He’s A Bully.

Turning the Tide

On Thursday, Ken Livingstone made some remarks during a BBC radio London interview, which, unless you’ve been trekking in the Antarctic, you will have read or heard by now.

The perspectives on his comments are as many and varied as the people who hold them, from those who are deeply offended, to those who are adamant he said nothing wrong.

Many in the latter category, are honing in on the fact that some of what he said turned out to be factually correct. Others agree, but make the case that his impromptu – and some would argue uncalled for – history lesson was sparse on detail and lacking in context.

But whilst many hang their heads in despair as yet another bad news story for Labour dominates the headlines, there are those with an anti-Labour agenda who can barely conceal their glee. The fact that many in this camp are…

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