A Celtic fans view of todays decision and a little insight on what we are dealing with !(by Monti)

Firstly I would like to say that IF Alex Tonev did racially abuse the Aberdeen player, I wouldn’t want to see Tonev remain at the club a minute longer.
Celtic football club, it’s founders and generations of supporters have been the VICTIMS of Anti – Irish, anti – Catholic racism and Bigotry since day one.
I am very proud of the fact that Celtic have never had a sectarian signing policy, never asked players what school they went to and most importantly, paid our taxes to the state.
The SFA have found a Celtic player GUILTY of racism, the evidence they have of this is a mystery as in no one has come forward as a witness to verify Logan’s claim.
Celtic MUST fight this if they feel Tonev has told the truth.
Celtic must demand the evidence that has found a player guilty of racism, if they have none and convicted our player on the word of another player, then we as a Club must attempt to clear our players name.
That’s Tonev found guilty, Griffiths will be the same and seven members of the green brigade in court for singing a non sectarian song?
Meanwhile a former football club had for over one hundred years, a clear sectarian signing policy, it’s support constantly sang songs of killing catholics and urging the Irish to go home, an illegal offense.
A new club has found the song books of it’s hideous parent and songs of killing catholics have filled the grounds of the lower leagues in Scotland over the last few years…they continue to be sung.
In 1952 the SFA told Celtic to take down the Irish Tricolour, the peaceful flag of the Republic of Ireland, Sir Robert Kelly told them to fuck off the flag stays!
From Jock Stein to Billy Mineral, to Tommy Burns and Neil Lennon have all had trouble with the SFA and referees.
Ex SFA goat fiddler Jim Ferry deliberately withheld Jorge Cadete’s registration form, meaning the player missed vital Celtic fixtures including a cup match v original Rangers.
Hugh Dallas was sacked for sending sectarian e-mails, Dallas was head of refereeing at this point, Dougie Mcdonald an ex referee gave Celtic a penalty then took it away

We live in a society where a former football club can be openly sectarian and racist, yet be described as an institution by Alex Salmond and the mainstream media.
We live in a country that allows, each summer thousands of unwashed people dressed in tangerine to march our streets and play their sectarian nonsense?

One country for one culture!

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what can Celts do about the biased SFA and why should we ever want to watch sevco the club phoenixed from a team that cheated us for 15 years via ebts

Tonight sees a new low with the SFA hammering Aleksandar Tonev given seven-game ban for racist abuse with out evidence ,we all know the twelth man was true and that we were not paranoid a wont go on but if your a tim then you know what a mean as we gear up for the weekend with Inverness caly thistle heading to paradise after the final whistle its the draw for the semi final in the league cup with the chance of sevco as opponents if this happens what would you do me a will never in my life pay good money to line these knuckle draggers pockets and fuel there hatred by being there for them to  vent evil at you for all of the above reasons a feel its time for all academic celtic fans with power to stand up and unite and say enough is enough lets not show our team would hump them any way donate the money to charity buy a celtic product but dont fuel the hatred and biased situation we face until there is a complete over hall at the top for a start the conflicted 1 must resign lets blog for change so tonight’s bampots utd  debate is should we boycott the SFA and sevco there is a million and 1 reasons why this has to be said and discussed were a rich club with euro monies and a conveyer belt of 5 to 10 mil regular sales of talent we cant just sit back and have business as usual the old firm is dead and sevco is a new club born out of a phoenix deal that conned over 250 creditors remember integrity well don’t let them take yours even if we boycott the second half if we get them the whole world would ask why there is great opportunity here to get the truth out and tell the world what we are up against   biased sectarian abuse no thanks so lets debate it in the comment section of the blog and see what we come up with !

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Celtic’s Aleksandar Tonev given seven-game ban for racist abuse (biased SFA at it agian)

Celtic’s Aleksandar Tonev given seven-game ban for racist abuse

WTF is going on?

First of all if Tonev is a Racist then he has no place at Celtic Park.

What bothers me though is PROOF, There is No confirmation that he made a racist, he denies making the remark, yet he is guilty.

PretendyGers employees, up before the SFA with video evidence against them get Not Proven verdicts.

Since the Sevco Shambles began the TUPE’d over Hun Fans have given Illegal and Sectarian songs laldy with no charges brought against them, same with offensive banners.

The SFA is corrupt as are our Police.

It is a flawed Law which allows an Official to be offended by one sides songs, which are not illegal, and yet IGNORES the singing of ILLEGAL ones by the other. Were they not offended by Illegality?

Is there a reason for them not being offended? I suggest there is.

It is part of “Their Culture” , They are Supremacist.and Elitist and they are comfortable with it. Yet it should have No place in a Multi Ethnic Scottish Society.

It is time this flawed Law and Flawed Police Force were sorted out. The SFA? While they are allowed to make up the rules to suit themselves nothing will change.

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Irish Water : time to flush it away, refill later.

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There is a classic syndrome in much organizational strategy which is called “escalation of prior commitment” . This is also known as ‘throwing good money (or political capital) after bad’. Sometimes the thing to do is – stop. The government should now pause the Irish Water omnishambolic clowncar, rethink and regroup.

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A tale of two Thistle’s

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Celtic completed their third successive win in a row for the second time this season. If you count the 3-0 awarded to Celtic against Legia Warsaw, this would be the third occasion that a hat-trick of competitive wins has occurred.

In the club’s overall history this isn’t ground breaking stuff, but in the current season this was another vital victory for Ronny Deila as he aims to improve the team’s consistency. It may not have been the prettiest of matches to begin with but Celtic got the result they craved in the end.

Even more pleasing was seeing Guidetti and Šćepović getting on the score sheet again. For the time being this partnership cannot work together in Europe, but it was good to see them working together in the league.

Guidetti’s free kick was slotted home nicely from just outside the box but their were plenty more chances. With Kilmarnock’s…

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We Really Have To Raise Our Game To Be The Grandest Team (A Call For Celtic To Follow Hearts And Pay The Living Wage)

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Hey everyone As a Celtic fan it really pains me to do this but I want to congratulate another club for beating us. In this case however the defeat was not on the pitch but off it and I would like to offer my congratulations to Heats on becoming the first football club in Scotland to introduce the living wage for all employees.

This is a bold move but it is also the correct one especially since football clubs pride themselves on being a valued part of the local community. You see it is my belief that if you really are part of the community you need to contribute to that community rather than just taking from it.
In this respect there is no doubt that Hearts have unquestionably did the right thing as it shows that they value all of their employees and have demonstrated this by introducing the…

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the spivs1367061750411SEVCOIts been some match watching the spivs v the other spivs but today sees Mike Ashley emerge as champion and victor and leaves the fans donald ducked and sevco facing massive cuts ,this could be the end of fat sally no more lol trying to pretend to be a manager Sallys wage could run a club in his league for more than a year so why would mike want him there he has served his purpose conning the fans for green and whyte,The 2 million gave by mike is a loan what did he get for it and what is the cash burn rate there is a good chance admin could be December it could be jelly and ice-cream for Xmas as its over a mil a month being throw in to the black hole it would have been nice for king to take over and create mark 3 due to the onerous contracts but with mike at the realm am sure it will be just as fun admin no liquidation to keep the cash from the badge(shared with Green Imran and Stockbridge maybe even Whyte ) and that 1£ stadia naming rights going ,

what did mike get as sureties for the 2 mil ? is the loan to protect the assets and keep them his way when admin comes to right it is what hope is there for the sevcoians in all this there is no hope its buy or die  and all the while the whole football worlds rolling about the floor laughing at them ,oh how the mighty have falling ,its been some week for sevco with there fans in constant rage due to being conned by spivs Mikes postman must be shitting it due to the comments online a wonder if any doors will go in and arrests made over this a wont hold my breath ,so its a big lol from bampots utd at sevco and its a buy or die for the sevcoians from sevconia hows club is called sevco or the joke of football what a bunch of idiots they really are !

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Christmas book promotion a must have and read for all Celtic FC book worms

Today Bampots Utd is proud to present to the Celtic community around the world  a cracking and must have book for Christmas for friends and family ” A Toast to Charlie Hanrahan” by Pat Anderson via Amazon available in paper back and in kindle click on link below to order and read reviews

In 1899 John Donnelly and his family move to Garngad in Glasgow for a better life. He will be able to earn more money working in one of the factories than he could as a farm labourer in County Derry. He, his wife, Rosie, and his three children, Kate, Wee John and baby Maggie, travel over on a ship from Belfast. John’s cousin, Hugh Devlin, has already fixed him up with a job at the Copper Works in Garngad. Housing, however, is a problem in Garngad and his family will have to share a one-roomed flat with his cousin’s family. Garngad is a horrible place, smoky, smelly and with two outside toilets to a street. Disease and illness is a common feature. There is also the bigotry to put up with. Hatred of Catholics is still endemic and Irish people are viewed as less than human. To reinforce this bigotry, the Orange Walk come through Garngad every July to intimidate the residents. As the Donnelly and the Devlin children grow up they discover all the obstacles in their way. All they can rely on is each other and the friendship of their neighbours. And then there is Celtic. The football team gives the Irish something to be proud of and a reason to hold their heads high. But, really, that is all they have. A new century is about to start. Will the modern world make a difference to the Donnellys, the Devlins and all the other Irish families in Garngad?

don’t forget Pats other books were you can buy a book for everyone of the family for Christmas choose from a wide range below just click link then grab what you want at amazon


also keep up to date with all the latest bampottery concerning sevco and hunnery via pats blog a real lol at sevco from a sharp academic mind ! see link below


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Home Rule Now

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10649928_10152475892183300_1020457689273687539_nBy Christopher Silver

For the millions who voted yes, the significance of involvement in the referendum campaign has yet to fade. Of this, there can be little doubt. That unprecedented display of public emotion: a plethora of perfectly rational acts of civic love, provided a moment of clarity that will leave an indelible mark on the nation’s character. This will not, indeed cannot, be forgotten, erased, re-written or subsumed into some less potent future project. That much we know.

Today it is politically impossible for any politician to claim (as many did prior to its inception) that the referendum was a distraction, that this buzzing site of mass participation in democracy was somehow ‘on pause’ until the votes were counted. In the space of weeks it is the losers, not the victors of that campaign, who are in the ascendent.

But there is a clear and present danger that the…

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