What’s happen over at Sevconia with Sevco

parasite rangers

It’s been some couple of weeks for the zombies over at Sevconia home of sevco 5088 football club born out of a crooked liquidation sale that was that crooked even the main crook at time had his assets stole you know green saying to whyte ‘you are sevco ‘ .as you’s all know sevco is skint and running on fumes there has been lots of dramas in the news papers king v Ashley for control of sevco bxxlshxt the lot of it and we know so does the whole football world everyone knows the battle just now is for the assets and weather to liquidate or admin the real rangers men want liquidation to break the oneourous contracts and the spivs want admin to keep them going to milk the zombies for years to come .kings is  not going to give money as it gos to spivs and Ashley most likely would want if he doesn’t already have it that is the stadium as collateral sevco are goosed it’s as simple as that the zombies have been done up like kippers by green the master of contracts and snake oil sales lol as the vultures pick at the last bits of flesh the sevcoian zombies are swollowin g the sugar daddy line what a joke, you think after the wealth of the radar headlines they would have seen sense lol

lam not 1 for causing rumours but a heard the battling board and king and Ashley are fighting it out weather to liquidate or admin so on this great euro night for us lets lol at sevco and there troubles am in the liquidation camp and heard it could be as early as last week in Nove292457_10150984954069652_939847265_nmber  due to wages don’t forget we told you first  they dident own the badge or that well cracked sevco crest it seems there is more cracks in it than the old co 1 that died shafting creditors of over 150 million pounds aided and abetted by our football association the SFA what do they think of king the tax cheat well we will save that for another day is it true whyte has ogilvie on tape dressed in costume at 1 of the ebt creators party’s if not you would bloody well think so .so hail hail all enjoy the night ahead and have a lol at sevco soon to be tesco no doubt the zombie bears will be saying hay look that’s were my seat was now it’s the ice cream section lol

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The One About the Irishman, the Swede, and the Serbian

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My last post at the beginning of October before the Dinamo Zagreb game focussed on several main points;

  • The need to win that game to give ourselves a good chance of qualifying from the group;
  • That Anthony Stokes is not the answer to Celtic’s need for a goal scorer;
  • Than John Guidetti might very well be that man; and
  • That it was time for Stefan Scepovic to ‘Step Up’ and show us what he’s capable of.

So, what’s happened since then regards those points?



First up, and thankfully, Celtic held out to record a hard fought one-nil victory over Dinamo courtesy of a well taken Kris Commons goal.  No surprise that Commons was the scorer as my previous blog had also pointed out that he and Callum McGregor are currently Celtic’s top marksmen this season.  A fact that is more than just slightly worrying as our over reliance on…

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Zaluska assaulted during Glasgow night out

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Celtic goalkeeper Lukasz Zaluska has been assaulted in the street whilst on a night out in Glasgow. The Polish goalkeeper, who is the club’s second-choice keeper, signed for Celtic from Dundee United in 2009.

The 32-year-old, was believed to have suffered a head injury after the attack in the early hours of Monday morning.

Police would not confirm the reports that another Scottish Premiership player was involved in the incident in Ashton Lane in the west end of the city.

Officers said they had launched an investigation and were examining CCTV for evidence.

A pub on Ashton Lane, Glasgow © Blogspot rhonamc22

A pub on Ashton Lane, Glasgow
© Blogspot rhonamc22

A statement said: “Police Scotland are investigating a report of an alleged assault on a 32-year-old male in Ashton Lane in the early hours of Monday.

“Police inquiries are ongoing, including the monitoring of CCTV.”

Celtic were unavailable for comment.

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Facing Forwards

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B0P_LYMIQAEVHbyBy Mike Small

Continuity Yes is a powerful movement but we need to move into new spaces with new ideas and a new focus.

We said Yes. They said No. They won.

No amount of rigged votes, dodgy ballots, lies, deceptions, proof of media bias, breaking of purdah, makes any difference. We lost the democratic vote.

In many ways their victory was an empty desolate one. But that is the reality. 

This is not to say that there weren’t huge victories achieved throughout the campaign. Five stand out:

1. Political education of hundreds of thousands of people by an amazing vibrant radical campaign based on live public events, but charged an co-ordinated by social media.

2. The re-establishment of some base principles about gender equality and putting a feminist analysis and women’s voice at the heart of the new politics.

3. Smashing the myths about apathy and young people and, practically…

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Sorry Wales

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I have long supported the breakup of the Union as made clear by my Blog so far.

The image below is one I have used before, and shows a message which I dearly believe in. A few of my Irish friends have said “What about Wales?” as talk of Celtic cousins arose.

I see Plaid Cymru are sitting third (down 1 point) in the latest Welsh polls, behind Labour and the Tories.

More worrying still, is the ICM poll that asked the Welsh about independence. It seems the ties between Wales and England remain very strong.

According to this poll only 3% of Welsh people support independence – a record low.

So as Scotland and Ireland’s 6 counties look set to send more nationalist MP’s to Westminster, Wales may continue to go down the road of the conservative parties of unionism and stay in what will remain of a broken…

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Deila pleased with Celtic response

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Back on song: Deila delight as Celtic ran riot in Dingwall (Picture by Adam Higgins)

Back on song: Deila delight as Celtic ran riot in Dingwall (Picture by Adam Higgins)

CELTIC manager Ronny Deila was pleased with the response of his players as the Scottish Premiership champions put Ross County to the sword.

The Hoops, who were languishing in sixth place, had won only two of their previous six league games and lost 1-0 at home to Hamilton before the international break.

But Celtic reacted in style with a dominant 5-0 win at Victoria Park against the bottom-club – and Deila was delighted to return to winning ways.

“It was very pleasing. We have been working really hard for this game and wanted to bounce back from the last game,” he told Sky Sports.


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To be or not to be… What about something in between?

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‘You don’t even have to be elected by an elite council? And your country is still considered a democracy?!’

Following is the text of my submission to the Smith Commission. I could have gone to great lengths studying the submissions of others and constructing something more solid, but let’s be honest – we are writing to a Lord about vague assurances made before a weak democratic decision. That’s not to say this is a futile exercise. Refusing to express your views to the Smith Commission is about as useful as refusing to vote at general elections. Yes, you can look on it as collaborating in a hopeless process, which it just might be, but right now I don’t see any better options.

So by playing along we can at least make our feelings felt, whether by reiterating to Lord Smith that we want nothing less than complete autonomy, or by…

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Now that I have had, time to draw breath. I have spent the last weeks in quiet reflection of what could and in my opinion should have been. I truly believe that Scotland should be a free nation a belief that I hold dear to my heart.


Last year I toiled back and forth with heart ruling head.  Like many others I asked, could we do it? Are we big enough? Are we strong enough? Moreover, after weighing up the evidence I concluded as did many others that, yes indeed we are.

Swept along in the euphoria of a grassroots movement that in the proceeding months grew arms, legs and wings, flying, sometimes blindly into the unknown, what a rush, what adrenaline, I would gladly do it all again and will, when the time comes which will probably be sooner rather than later.

In the days leading up to the…

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Enda Kenny Deploys Irish Army to Battle Weather

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Two Brave Irish Soldiers Ready For Action

Two Brave Irish Soldiers Ready For Action

The Irish Army have been deployed through out the country today to battle the weather, which has unexpectedly began to bombard the country with unprovoked attacks.

With winds of up to 290 miles an hour and a full years worth of rain expected to terrorize the country over the weekend, Enda Kenny has ordered the Irish Army to quell the attacks by any means necessary.

“This is a Code Yellow,” said an excited Taoiseach. “I’m asking our boys in green to squash this attack by all means at their disposal, and with Extreme Prejudice if needed.”

“We as a nation have been under attack from the weather for centuries now and it’s about time we stood up as a nation and fought off these attacks.”

“Rain Does Not Like Fire.”

Minister of Defence Simon Coveney welcomes the approach of bringing in the army to sort out the weather and…

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Scottish Left Project – The People Demand

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blipfoto scotland2_0Jonathan Shafi on the opportunities for a new citizens’ politics. See The People Demand here.

Tens of thousands of ordinary people became active in politics during the long independence campaign. A record number registered to vote, seeing the possibilities and the point of politics for the first time. The resulting Yes movement has become one of the most important political forces in these islands. Together, we dreamed, we learned and we talked of how we could build the society we want. These dreams must not be abandoned. Instead, our diverse nation must find new ways to work together to make them a reality.

There is a need for something truly new and original to be born out of the independence movement that can manifest itself at the ballot box in 2016 and beyond. We do not presume to have all of the answers, but we intend to start a conversation…

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