Ticketus v Whyte (are pheniox Sevco liabile )

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As we pick ourselfs up and dust ourselfs down after the indyref battle the first thing on the sevco agenda is ticketus v whyte ,as we are all to awere nothing is ever what it seems at sevco while there board is split in 2 with 1 side wanting admin and the other wanting liquidation due to onerous contracts set up by Green ,Whytes place man in the great Sevco pheniox .
Although there were hundreds of creditors ripped of by pheniox sevco and D&P’s ticketus is 1 of the most mentioned Ticketus offer loans for future season tickets but were well conned via the old co newco switcheroo if sevco want to be same club as dead 1 what chance do ticketus have of cliaming future season tickets from sevco we all know green was whytes mate and d&ps were in on the con to as green said to whyte you are sevco heard via Charlotte Fakeovers twitter releases another question needs asked here what are the SFA doing about this remember the Pinsent Masons report it was not released so our FA are party to this to figures to date adding both oldco and newco monies its a 250 million scam daft zombies they will most likely back a mark 3 lol




Monday, 29 September 2014

At half past 10


HC12F03282 Ticketus LLP & anr v Whyte & ors

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The Saltire and the Union Jack

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1410893869063_wps_81_GLASGOW_SCOTLAND_SEPTEMBEBy Phil Mac Giolla Bhain

Living in a Border County with Northern Ireland as a neighbour I am regularly reminded of the importance of flags and emblems in that part of the United Kingdom.

They are visible markers of a divided society and a way of marking out territory; they also serve as a warning to outsiders. This is particularly true of what has become known as the PUL (Protestant Unionist Loyalist) community.

Although the nationalist tradition to an extent reciprocates it is the people within the Loyalist community who go for flags, emblems and painted kerbstones in a big big way.

Indeed there have been recent unsuccessful attempts by US Special Envoy Richard Haas to broker a deal on these flags and emblems as a way of moving forward to a shared future.

On George Square last Friday night in the immediate aftermath of the Independence Referendum there was little…

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A primer on the SNP for all the new members and especially those ex-labour members.

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The SNP is not a socialist party but it was founded by a socalist and we have many socialist members, you will feel right at home.

The best why to get to grips with the SNP is to review the history of SNP. In 1886 Robert Cunninghame-Graham a socialist stood in the general election as liberal candidate for Lanarkshire advocating:

the abolition of the House of Lords
universal suffrage
the nationalisation of land, mines and other industries
free school meals
disestablishment of the Church of England
Scottish Home Rule
the establishment of an eight-hour-day

Basically this is what the SNP stands for today and can be summed up in this image, except the temperance. But the fear of it is no doubt why Charles Kennedy isn’t a member.


Cunninghame-Graham won the election and became the UK’s first Socialist MP. Two years later he and Keir Hardie founded the Scottish Labour…

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The Sabotage of Scotland’s Democracy

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At the beginning of the two year referendum campaign on the question of Scottish independence the Department of the Taoiseach in the Republic of Ireland circulated a memo to all of the departments of the Irish civil service to the effect that the Irish government would remain silent throughout the campaign. It was to be understood that the question of Scotland’s future would be a matter for the Scottish people. Dublin is a small European capital where news gets around. Media and government in Ireland adhered to this principle of neutrality. As the campaign in Scotland progressed it became widely known in Dublin that the British government and the British Embassy were applying pressure on the Irish state and the press to speak out against Scottish independence. One source within Oireachtas Éireann, the Irish parliament, has let it be known that the agenda of the British government was to…

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Sammy Turner: Summer By Numbers…

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It has been 1 very intense Summer!  And with that you have the first number of my blog.  Now we’ve started!

The last 9 weeks have been some of the busiest to date, for both SNS Group as a company and for me personally.  Almost 50% of my time during that period has been spent working with Celtic FC during their pre-season camps and European qualifiers as the club attempted to reach the Champions League Group Stages.  Throw in the small matter of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games on our doorstep, some corporate work here and there and of course the usual manic start to the SPFL season and you have, by all accounts, that very intense Summer I mentioned above.

Since June I’ve been the main man at SNS Group in terms of following our client, Celtic FC, around Europe.  I’ve covered more than half of all of their fixtures, both competitive ones and friendlies, as they began their journey under new Norwegian manager Ronny Deila.

Some of the numbers involved here are…

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Welcome to North Britain

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By Mike Small

For my friends, the ‘Proud Scots’, congratulations on your victory. Now there’s good news and some bad news for you No voters.

The good news: your vague ‘sense of Britishness’ is secure. Hurrah, no need to worry yourself any more.

The bad news: you have opened the door to £25 billion of austerity measures that will redefine the fabric of our society. On the plus side, you’ll still be able to get The Archers, so while people living in destitution sounds harsh, you won’t be inconvenienced.

The good news: the media is busy telling everyone that ‘home rule’ is coming to Scotland.

Bx7BGk7IMAADXXM.png-largeThe bad news: Gordon Brown just made that up. He’s not in government, it’s not yet 24 hours after the polls closed and the ‘Vow’ is unravelling before our eyes. Already the timetable has disintegrated. Couldn’t they have waited until the weekend before pulling…

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An appeal to all Celtic FC undecided indy ref voters and no voters


scotsoccer1-master675There has been a massive swing to yes over the last couple of weeks due to the balanced and well presented grass roots campaign of the yes camp it has been amazing to watch and see a nation wake politically .
Our smsm as we all know are crap with oldco coming out of liquidation lets just say the political side of the smsm is just as as bad , due to the sport desk failure to deliver the truth we are a nation of web users via alternative media and know not to trust them from Aberdeen to Gretna we know and see the media as liars due to this the whole nation has seen right throw the corporate no camp a wont pin point the lies as u have already seen and heard it , the west monster is evil do t let it fool u Scotland will be crushed after this if a no gos throw u know it and a know it enough of me going on a would ask you to watch and share this video and then decide don’t think of urself in vote think of the children around us in future

Thanks and good luck Mick !

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A personal plea to the undecideds

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A guest post by Sinclair of Indie Authors for Scotland

This is an unashamedly emotional post. On Tuesday 9th October 2007 our son, Calum, went to bed, tired but happy. He awoke at around three o’clock on the Wednesday morning with a severe headache, and by half past six he was on a ventilator in Yorkhill Hospital diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. Over the next day and a half the doctors and nurses worked tirelessly to save his life but on the Thursday afternoon we were told there was nothing they could do for him.

My wife and I were then asked to think about his organs being used to help save others and after thinking long and hard, we decided that was what Calum would have wanted, and gave our permission. He was kept alive for one more day while the arrangements for the transplants were made. His organs saved…

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POLL: Should Scotland Be an Independent Country?

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The Scottish people will vote Thursday on whether or not to declare independence from the United Kingdom.

If the “No” vote is successful, England’s northern cousin will remain a part of the family; should the “Yes” vote prevail, Scotland will strike out on its own and leave Great Britain significantly less Great.

Polling forecasts a close race, with the nationalist movement gaining steam over the past few weeks. But while Thursday’s referendum is open only to residents of Scotland, many other people around the world feel invested in the future of the Highlands. Not just those for whom the keening whine of the bagpipe represents a cry for freedom, but also devotees of the sovereign state who would rather the Union remain intact.

So we’d like to give readers a chance to register their own opinions on Scottish independence, answering the same question the voters themselves will face. We’ll publish…

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